Storing and maintaining tools

Every home has some tools that they use when the comes for small tasks as well as big DIY projects. As the projects are done and maintenance happens, it is important to remember that your tools need some care and attention as well. We compiled a few tricks to help you make the best of the tools you have.

Classify your tools

You should make some sort of classification that will help you manage the tools and find them when they are needed. An organized approach will save a lot of time and bad moods when you can’t find what you are looking for. They can be sorted by type of work, or frequency of use.

Clean and prep for storage after work

The tools you use are stressed during use and a little bit of care and maintenance would help increase their useful life significantly.

Metal Tools:

The biggest enemy of metal is rust. For tools with metal it is safest to store them at a place with limited moisture.

PRO TIP: One of the best ways to get rid of rust is to spray a generous amount of WD40 Multiuse Product which acts to removed rust and corrosion from metal parts.

Tools with Moving Parts:

For tools with moving parts like pliers, shears, etc, it is important that the parts move as freely as they are meant to in order for the tool to be effective. Try to clean out if there is any debris or gunk near the moving parts.

PRO TIP: WD40 Multiuse Product is a great lubricant for general use and keeps the tools moving freely and increases their useful life.

Electric Tools:

For tools that run on electricity, it is important to take care of short circuits over their useful life. It is best to always use them and store them according to the manufacturer guidelines that have been provided. A general rule is that wires should always remain insulation and not be twisted or bent sharply.

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