Spicing up your cabinets

Getting a sense of renewed space doesn’t have to be too difficult or expensive. One way to re-energize your living space is to change the way the cabinets and drawers look. Instead of spending a lot of money in renovation or getting new cabinets, consider a few low-cost DIY options to give them a makeover.

Backsplash a cabinet

This looks great especially when the front of the cabinets is glass.  Just consider repainting the back walls and sides, or getting a nice wallpaper on them. This way the contents in the cabinet that are being shown off get a nice highlight to them. For tips on how to best apply wallpaper, check out this article from How Stuff Works.

Add some color

Changing the color of cabinets can have a major visual impact on the space. Consider painting the cabinets and drawers with a new color to get a very different look than before. Another bonus is that a new paint job is significantly cheaper than replacing the cabinets or remodeling. Make sure the type of paint suits the material and the look you are going for.

Open it up

A slightly more radical approach might be to consider if your cabinet can work with an open style without doors. You can consider removing the doors altogether if it is feasible. This will give a roomy appearance and make the cabinets seem unique and stylish. From displaying your dishware to holding all your cookbooks – the options are limitless. You can choose what to show off and keep in open sight.


Cabinet curtains are a simple and budget-friendly addition that can visually have a strong impact on the cabinet. Just make sure it syncs with the overall feel of the space. You can mix and match and choose different colors and textures to bring vibrancy to space.

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