Installing an Indoor Stair Runner

For a wooden staircase, installing a stair runner is a cheap and quick way to give your steps an upgrade. To learn how to create and install a carpet runner on your stairs in just one day, follow the simple steps below.

Paint Your Steps

Before adding the runner, consider renovating your stairs with a quick paint job before adding the runner. Choosing a contrasting color for your step surface, also called a tread, with the color for your risers. This is a great way to give your stairs an upgraded, modern look.  Also consider painting the risers the same color as your wall and the treads a darker color so each step stands out underneath the runner fabric. This will make the overall staircase feel like a cohesive unit in sync with the overall ambiance.

Take Measurements

The first step in creating a stair runner is to measure the height of one riser and the depth of one tread. Adding the two measurements together, multiplying by the number of stairs and adding on an extra 12 inches before cutting the length of your runner. You can pick out traditional carpet for your runner or use flatweave cotton because it’s easy to work with.

Measure the width of one tread and the width of the fabric you selected for the runner. Subtract the width of the runner from the entire width of one tread. I

Lay Down the Foundation

Consider placing padding underneath the selected runner fabric for extra comfort and protection from the hard edges of each step. If you decide to use padding underneath the runner, cut small pieces that will fit on the surface of each tread and hide perfectly underneath the width of the runner fabric. Secure the padding down with a staple gun in the middle of each step. Then, stick a few double-sided pieces of carpet tape to each riser before placing the fabric to ensure that the fabric clings to the surface.

Secure with a Carpet Staple Gun

Fasten the runner to the riser with a staple gun. Solidify your placement by stapling each step in the crease.


Pro Tip: Use WD-40® Multi-Use Product to lubricate the hinges of your staple gun.


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