How To Prep Your Lawn For The Summer

We all want our lawns to look beautiful. There are a few simple tricks you can use to prep your lawn for the summer and ensure your garden looks green and lush in summer. No matter how you decorate the lawn, a consistent green field will always increase the aesthetic effect.

1) Clean the lawn first

Walk over your lawn and pick up all the broken branches, leaves, and other stuff that has been accumulated over the winter season. Summer is the most vital period to have maintenance of your lawn.

2) Mow the lawn

After cleaning the grass we should trim the grass. In spring/early summer grass can grow faster and there faster growth of leaves and shrubbery. It’s good to get rid of the thatch or mat layer, which is done by moving over once a week. . Take care not to cut too deep,  simply take the ‘top’ off. Mow your grass and maintain a height of 2 to 3 inches. Keep your garden tool blades sharp. It helps a lot.

Tip: Use WD-40 Multi-use Product to keep your tools rust-free.

3) Oxygenate and aerate the lawn

It is essential to aerate your lawn because it allows oxygen, water, and food to reach the roots. This process helps you to create a healthy root system for your plants and thus, results in a fresh and lush-looking lawn. Use a fork or a spike roller to make holes around 20cm deep. This will allow air and water to reach the roots. In most cases, this is a once-a-year exercise and is great in the spring when the grass is actively growing.

4) Fertilize

Adding fertilizer and lawn dressing is great for the health of your lawn. This will keep the soil moist and increase growth. The best antidote to weeds is to make sure your lawn is fertilized with the right composts and fertilizers.

4) Irrigate the lawn in summer

Our tried and tested technique of watering: slowly, deeply, sometimes. Irrigate completely a minimum of twice per week – instead of touch daily. If your field gets water daily creates a ‘wet feet’ downside that creates the grass a lot of liable to diseases. honest amounts of water once/twice per week allow the roots to grow sturdy.

Making your lawn clean and green is an effort-taking process and this summer care routine is going to help you out. After looking your lawn green and lush in summer will give you the feeling this result worth that effort.

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