How to Paint a Room

When we talk about home restyling it doesn’t always have to be a time and budget consuming exercise. You can always renew the look with a fresh coat of paint or a new color. Simple changes like a color change can have a major impact on changing the look of your living space.

The best part is this can be done in a couple of hours and with some easy steps.

Move furniture:

Paint splatters are fairly irritating to clean. It is recommended to clear the area of furniture or and objects to avoid getting paint on them. Once moved, you can also cover the floor with old newspapers to avoid paint splatters on the floor. Consider covering up difficult to move objects and furniture with an old tarp or newspapers or any other available covering.


One of the most important things for the smooth finish of the paint is a clean wall. Clean the entire area so that there are no dust, dirt and grease spots which can ruin a smooth finish.

Fill gaps and holes:

Fill any nail holes and gaps with plaster to make sure that the finish is smooth and the wall looks brand new.

Tape up:

To avoid getting paint where you do not want it, try taping up the corners, edges of the walls and molding. This is cover the risk of accidentally getting paint on these surfaces. Painting these border areas with a brush first will save you time and effort when filling in with the roller.

Fill in with roller:

Dip the roller in and then roll it against the grate to distribute the paint equally. Consider rolling with a W or M shape on the wall to distribute the bulk of the paint, and then use vertical strokes. Continue this process until the wall is complete. Use this opportunity to blend any brush marks.

Pro Tip: Lubricate your paint roller frame with WD-40® Multi-Use Product to prevent it from getting stuck and creating marks on the wall.

Paint the trim:

After the walls have dried, simply tape the area where the trim meets the wall and then paint the moldings, door and window frames with a brush.

Pro Tip: To clean oil-based paint use mineral spirits. Natural bristle brushes can be sprayed with WD-40 after cleaning to keep them from drying out. Water-based paint may not completely wash out of a brush. Wash with alcohol will clean out the residue, then wash with soapy water.

Enjoy the new look:

Once the paint has dried, you can enjoy the new look of the room and show off to your friends and family.



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