Design Tips for Staircases

For a renewed look and a great personalization opportunity, consider a redecoration of your staircase. Some simple DIY ideas can spice up the staircase to a new and different ambiance.

  1. Color

One of the easiest to transform any space including the staircase is to paint. The possibilities for customization and personalization are unlimited. From basic colors to designs with multiple paint colors, patterns, and stenciled work; there is a multitude of options to choose from considering your time, mood and budget. If you’re painting over raw wood or concrete, it’s important to use a primer. If you are painting on the steps as well, make sure to use a paint specified for floor use. Here is a helpful step-by-step guide to inspire you.

  1. Art and Design

A staircase can be used as a space to express yourself and your interests. Favorite quotes, typography, graphics, multiple things can be done. Consider using the staircase risers as a canvas to express your thoughts. We recommend painting the staircase risers first. After it dries, use decals to stick on the risers or use stencils as a guide and paint them on yourself. To ensure the art will fit on the steps, make sure you measure the amount of room you have on the risers.

  1. Wallpapers

 Wallpapers can be used for patterns in place of decals as well. Count the number of steps and take their measurements to procure the right amount of wallpaper. You can even match it to the theme of the house or keep a uniquely different design for a contrasted look.

  1. Light it up

 A funky way to spice up the staircase, especially for occasions, is to arrange strings of fairy lights with the balustrades to really give the ambiance a “lit up” vibe.

Pro Tip: Spray WD-40® Multi-Use Product on your metal stencils before painting the stairway steps to ease its removal after the paint has dried.



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