How To Clean Foggy Headlights

Here are some tips and tricks to clean foggy headlights. Headlights play an important role in a drivers safe journey and make your car look awesome. Car manufacturers usually make the cover of headlights with polycarbonate plastic. It is tough for the road condition but vulnerable to sunlight. It causes oxidization and results in yellow and haze tint on the headlight. Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure that your headlights keep looking like new.

Clean foggy headlights

The first thing to do is a simple clean Start this technique by cleaning the cover of your headlight with water and soap. Apply wax and start scrubbing a bit. You will notice an improvement. If not, it’s time for further measures.

Give UV protection

The direct rays from the sun are the real cause of this yellowish tint. When the cover comes in contact with sunlight, they start the process of oxidization from the air. The car manufacturer provides a clear coat of UV protective sheet on the headlight, which gets worn off over time. There are many ways to renew the protective layer Apply the new protective layer. this process can be tedious, using solutions first and then moving to abrasives. There are some household techniques as well for instance: the famous toothpaste technique.

Clean foggy headlights inside and out

If the blurriness appears from the outside of your headlights, you can try cleaning it with a glass cleaning solution. The next option would be to use many other cleaners available in the market. You can also use an acrylic lens deoxidizer for cleaning the above cover of the headlight if it is not completely yellow.

Sanding the headlights

If these don’t work, there is the option of sanding the headlights.  Use the method of sanding and buffering to clean foggy headlights but don’t forget to take your safety precautions. AutoWise also has a complete guide that might be beneficial for those going this route. Also consider that it might be the right time to replace them. Consider your course and stay safe on the road.

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