Some Tips To Store Your Decorations After the Holidays

After you have had a great holiday and a happy new year, there are so many memories to collect and it’s a great opportunity to get ready to rock the coming year. The next step to take is to tackle the seemingly daunting task of taking down and storing holiday decorations. With a little bit of planning and organizing, the task can become less herculean and more manageable and efficient. We have collected some tips to help you through the journey.

Organize and Purge

First, organize and plan. Take a look at what you have set up. Items that you do not want to keep for the future can be given away to friends who visited as keepsakes and can be donated to cheer up the holidays in the future for someone else. But the main thing is taking stock doing a purge of stuff that doesn’t connect with you and you don’t plan on using in the future.

Catalog and Label

While packing and storing your stuff, don’t forget to catalog and label your storage containers which the stuff that’s in it to make sure you can find what you are looking for come next year’s decoration activity.

When thinking storage considering layering options and start by collecting items around the house like toilet paper or extra cardboard ( to wrap around larger fragile ornaments), egg cartons (for smaller ornaments and miscellaneous ). Consider layering these in larger containers of plastic or cardboard.

Holiday lights need extra care because they tend to tangle very easily. The best solution is to wrap them around large cones or rectangular shaped cardboard. They can also be wrapped around hangers and then put into storage.


If there are just three words to help you manage the task, they are purge, catalog, and label. Remember these and next year you will find storing holiday decorations to be a way less daunting task!

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