Home Maintenance Tips for the Winter

The winter season is a great time to relax and enjoy indoors, but as tempting as staying in doors sounds, you can’t ignore the dreadful home maintenance required during the winter!

Managing airflow

The chilly air coming in from outside tends to increase heating costs and make things generally less cozy. Cold air creeping in will also impact your water pipes and any equipment exposed to the elements. So take a walk around your house and identify the gaps where air can seep in. Also, consider the crawl space vents around your house. These can be boarded up temporarily or blocked with foam blocks. [PRO TIP: If there is already snow there that you need to clean up, A generous spray of WD-40 Multi-use Product will make it a lot easier.] You should also cover any equipment up to protect from the elements by either moving it to a covered shed or garage or covering it with a tarp.

Maintaining and storing tools

Now is a good time to clean up and store tools that you won’t be using in the winter. Your garden tools should be cleaned up and put into storage. [PRO TIP: A spray of WD-40 Multi-use Product will help clean gunk and rust from garden tools and increase their life.] Now is also a good time to clean up and set up the kitchen appliance for a new season. Since you will be firing up the furnace now, it’s a good time to clean and/or change the filters for winter with a trouble-free furnace.

Managing indoor space

Winter is a season to spend more time indoors, and it’s a great time to declutter your home to create maximum space for a nice winter. Also, make sure snowblowers and snow shovels are easily accessible and well maintained so that you are not caught off guard when it snows.

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