Car Maintenance During Winter

The winters are a tough time for your car, and it needs some attention to keep it performing effectively. Here are some things to keep in mind regarding your vehicle when the winters hit

Checking Oil

Consult the owner’s manual for the right oil to use in the conditions. The weather has an impact on the internal temperatures of the engine. So consider selecting an oil keeping in mind the temperature outside.

Radiator Fluid

The radiator fluid keeps the car’s engines at optimal temperature and prevents overheating. Similar to motor oil, their requirements change in the winters. Make sure that the right fluid is selected for the conditions.

Basic Electronics Check

Conduct a thorough inspection of your battery, cables, terminals, and fluid to ensure your car electronics are in good shape and are not likely to fail and leave you stranded in the cold.  With your engine turned off, check how much charge is left in your battery – either by its built-in hydrometer or via a handheld one.  If its voltage is between 12.6 and 12.8V, it has a full charge.  If it’s 12.2 to 12.4V, it has a half charge.  Anything less, it’s wise to hit up your local auto parts store for a new one so you don’t get left out in the cold.

Windshield Maintenance

Check the wipers’ conditions and consider selecting a washer fluid with antifreeze. Visibility is already hampered in the cold and its important that you be prepared for snow and hail.

Door Locks

A scary scenario is being locked out of your car due to the car locks being frozen and jammed. Such a scenario can be very frustrating and will waste a lot of time. Use WD40® Multi

Tip: Spray WD-40® Multi-Use Product inside your vehicle’s door locks to de-ice frozen locks and prevent them from freezing. 

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