How To Remove Coffee Stains

Who doesn’t like coffee, except for the tea lovers of course! No matter how much you may love coffee, you’ve got to agree with the fact that spilling coffee is one of the worst things that can happen.  Getting those stains out can be such a hassle! We want you to keep drinking that coffee, but we also want to help you get those stains out! Read this guide on how to remove coffee stains.

Five Step Guide To Remove Coffee Stains

1. Good Old Beer

Did you spill your warm cup of coffee onto that expensive carpet? Don’t worry, good old beer has your back! Yes… alcohol can have more benefits than just fun, it can also remove coffee stains All that you need to do is pour a little beer right on top of the stain and allow it time to seep through. Rub the beer into the material of the carpet, gently. You’ll need to repeat this process a few times and the coffee stain will, eventually disappear. The only downfall to this is you will be wasting some quality beer!

2. Use Salt

Are you in a café having a coffee with an old friend, with an important business meeting coming up in half an hour’s time? Have you accidentally spilled coffee over your shirt because you couldn’t keep yourself restrained after your friend told you THAT joke? We’re not gonna let you go to that meeting with a coffee stain on your shirt. All you need to do is channel that inner salt bae and sprinkle some salt over the coffee stain in a generous quantity and allow it to seep down into the fabric. Once the salt has had a chance to work, rub it off with a paper towel. This method will not get rid of the stain completely, but it WILL reduce the visibility of the stain and prevent it from spreading.

3. White Vinegar

White vinegar can be used to effectively remove coffee stains that might exist on your clothing. The method, however, will depend on the intensity of your coffee stain. If the stain is a small one and limited to a small spot on your clothing, then you’ll need to pat the stain with a towel that’s been drenched in white vinegar before putting it into the washing machine. If the coffee stain is a larger one, it’s recommended that you soak your fabric, overnight, in a solution that’s 3 parts vinegar and 1 part water. Put the fabric into the washing machine and the next morning the coffee stain will probably be long gone.

4. Baby Wipes

You don’t have to have a baby to keep some baby wipes handy at home. Baby wipes are a great source for removing those pesky coffee stains, especially from carpets. Why? Well, it’s because they can absorb, both, liquid and the stain. All you need to do is rub the coffee stain with a baby wipe and you’ll be able to see the coffee stain blotting up until it disappears!

5. The Magic of WD-40®

With over 2000+ uses are you really surprised that WD-40® Multi-Use-Product can be used to remove coffee stains? What differentiates WD-40® from its alternatives, however, is that it’s able to get the coffee stains off of not only shirts, pants and carpets but leather, floor tiles and counters as well. It’s a big plus to have one stored in your garage or under the sink, don’t you think? The first step is to spray a little WD-40® onto the stain, give it time to work and rub it off with a clean cloth or put the item in the washing machine. And…that’s it!
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