Clean your BBQ Grill and Cover for Winter

Clean your grill before storing for the winter to improve its life span and for easier starting and better cooking when spring comes. Cleaning the grates, the burners, the drip pans and the exterior will set your grill up in great condition. You will remove caked-on grease that interferes with starting and cooking for a great cookout.

Get your gas grill in top cooking condition with this easy yet thorough once-over. These tips from The Family Handyman will lead to easier starting, more even cooking and better-tasting chow.

What to clean on your grill

A smoky buildup on the inside walls and under the cover is good because it imparts flavor during grilling according to grilling gurus… But food drippings and grease on the grill’s exterior and on the grates and burners can be unhealthy with bacteria and can attract insects and rodents. Apart from the health hazard, they make cooking uneven and more difficult and lighting a hassle from clogged gas ports. Here’s how to clean your gas grill’s worst spots.

DIY gas grill tune-up

Remove grease from artificial briquettes  by flipping them over so the greasy side faces the burners. Replace the grates, light the burners, close the lid, and set the flame on high for 15 minutes. Shut off the gas and let the grates cool down to “warm.”. Scrub them with a brass-bristle brush (not metal, which can scratch them) or wadded up aluminum foil.

Next, service the burner assembly. Unfasten the burner (check your Owner’s manual for how to do this) and slip the gas tubes off the gas lines. For cleaning, lift out the unit as a whole. Clean the gas tubes and burner unit with a soft cloth and soapy water.

Clean the outside of the grill with a brass-bristle brush and soapy water, then rinse with clear water. Remove and clean the drip pans thoroughly. Clean the outside of the grill with a brass-bristle brush and soapy water, then rinse with clear water.  Remove and clean the drip pans thoroughly.

PRO-TIP: Using WD-40(R) Specialist(TM) Non Aerosol Degreaser can make cleaning the grease a lot easier.

Store for the winter

Once the grill is cleaned up, store it for the winter so that you can have fun on a cookout as soon as spring comes.

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