Best Way To Remove Mascara Stains From Tile Floors

It’s a typical weekend and you’re getting ready for a fun night out. Then all of a sudden, while you were applying your mascara you dropped the applicator on your bathroom floor. As annoying as that can be, we’ve all been there! Not only do mascara stains take time away from getting ready, but they can be super stubborn to remove with just a tissue. Usually, most people find using a tissue actually makes the mascara smudge and leave a worse stain.

An easy solution to remove mascara stains is using some good ole WD-40 Multi-Use Product. Now I know you’re probably thinking, you want me to use the same product my dad or husband uses to clean his tools? The answer is yes! Its lubricating formula actually makes it very easy to remove fresh or dried up mascara stains on your bathroom tiles.  Once sprayed, the stain immediately begins to dissolve in the solution. All you had to do was spray, and wipe!

With the WD-40® Multi-Use Product spray you’re saving yourself time from scrubbing away your tiles, and spending more of it on getting ready!

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