5 DIY Fall Decorations For Your Home

Fall is a beautiful time of the year. With fall, comes the opportunity for some DIY decorations celebrating the season. It’s the perfect time of year to get crafty with some fall decorations, and decorate your home with DIY projects – check out a few of our favorites below from DIY & Crafts.

Branches As Candle Holders

Give your dining room or end table a rustic feel with branch candle-holders. All you’ll need is a saw, drill bit and thin tree logs. Using a vise to get a secure grip on a flat-cut log. Then, mark the center and drill about 2 inches deep into the log. Sand any rough edges and place a candle in the hole. Now you’ve got the perfect lighting for any autumn dinner party.

Pro Tip: Use WD-40® Multi-Use Product on your drill bit to improve cutting time.


Painted Pinecone

Pinecones are very common in this season and this is a very quick, simple and easy trick. All you need are some collected pinecones, twine, and acrylic paint.

Simply take a brush and paint the outside brushes of the pinecones. Let them dry and hang them using a twine to make wonderful garlands. Experiment with different colors to match your space.

Pumpkin Planters

Decorate outdoors with hollowed-out pumpkins as planters. The trick is very simple, just use paint, decorative tape, paper, or other decorations to make the pumpkin planters feel unique. This is a great way to make a customized fall decoration easily.

Pro Tip: When painting pumpkins spray WD-40® Multi-Use Product  on paint bristles to easily clean paint and keep bristles hydrated

Lighted twigs

This is a fall decoration that can really cozy up your space. Collect some twigs in a small bucket and accentuate them with Christmas lights making the setup cozy and comfortable.

Message Pumpkins

Another quick and easy trick with the abundant pumpkins this season. Just paint on the pumpkins with chalkboard paint and use chalk to create your fall messaging. These can be used both indoors and outdoors.






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