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WD-40® Trigger Pro

Get the same great WD-40 formula, now in a non-aerosol can. The WD-40 Trigger Pro multi-action nozzle delivers just the right amount where you need it giving you more control and less mess.

The WD-40 Trigger-Pro’s leak-free non-overspraying nozzle  has three settings – a wide spray, a stream mode, and “off.” The nozzle’s off position means no accidental spraying in your truck, tool box or storage cabinet.

The WD-40 Trigger-Pro non-aerosol delivery system better meets the needs of industrial users since the format makes the recyclable steel cans much easier to dispose of.

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Our Product Range

mup original 311g ca WD-40® Multi-Use Product Classic
smartstraw WD-40® SMART STRAW
mup 3 785l bulk ca WD-40® Multi-Use Product 3.78L
mup smartstrawl ca WD-40® Smart Straw (for industrial customers only)
mup big blast ca WD-40® Big Blast
mup ez reach ca WD-40® EZ Reach (for industrial customers only)
mup bulk drum ca WD-40® Multi-Use Product Bulk Containers
mup trigger ca WD-40® Multi-Use Product Applicator
mup trigger pro ca WD-40® Trigger Pro

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