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WD-40® EZ Reach (for industrial customers only)

WD-40 Multi-Use Product safeguards metal against rust and corrosion, penetrates stuck parts, repels moisture and lubricates almost everything. It even eliminates grease, dirt and more from most surfaces.

Designed for professionals, this multi-use product was developed to facilitate their work in any situation! Its new flexible tube, 18 cm long, can be folded and maintained in the desired shape. The tube is simply raised to reach many hard-to-reach spaces, and is lowered to spray the product more widely.

Product benefits:

Still the same formula, still hundreds of applications…
Repels moisture to prevent rust and to dry electrical systems.
Penetrates to free stuck parts.
Lubricates so equipment operates easily.
Eliminates oil, dirt and grease.
Safeguards metal surfaces against rust and corrosion.

… but even easier to use!

With multiposition spray from a flexible tube, combined with a 360° valve, the product can be used upright or upside down, allowing wide or precise spray in spaces that were inaccessible, so professionals now have a product that’s even more practical for daily use:

18 cm repositionable flexible tube
No more disassembly: reaches previously inaccessible spaces.
2 application options: wide or precise spray
Precise: avoids waste.
More durable metal tube: doesn’t melt.

408 ml size, ideal for intensive use.

Recommended for:

Unblocking clutch nuts behind the engine block.
Lubricating hard-to-reach engine valves.
Facilitating plumbing work in tight places.
Making pipe jointing easier under sinks and bathtubs.

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