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WD-40® Multi-Use Product 3.78L

If you use WD-40 Multi-Use Product in the workplace, an aerosol can is often not large enough for all your needs. Therefore, we offer 2 container sizes for professional users and a larger drum container for Industry specific needs.

Product Benefits:

Displaces moisture to prevent rust and dry out electrical systems
Penetrates to loosens stuck parts
Lubricates to make equipment run smoothly
Removes oil, dirt, grease and grime
Protects metal surfaces from rust and corrosion
Easy to use

Recommended For:

Protects tools from corrosion
Removes rust from saws
Removes roofing tar off circular saw blades
Drives moisture from heavy-duty drills
Drives moisture from precision tools
Lubricates nail guns
Soak rusted parts
Loosens and penetrates rusted or stuck plumbing joints
Spray rubber gasket for easy installation of window glass
Prevents rust on outdoor air conditionings
Lubricates hacksaw blades for cutting metal

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Our Product Range

mup original 311g ca WD-40® Multi-Use Product Classic
smartstraw WD-40® SMART STRAW
mup 3 785l bulk ca WD-40® Multi-Use Product 3.78L
mup smartstrawl ca WD-40® Smart Straw (for industrial customers only)
mup big blast ca WD-40® Big Blast
mup ez reach ca WD-40® EZ Reach (for industrial customers only)
mup bulk drum ca WD-40® Multi-Use Product Bulk Containers
mup trigger ca WD-40® Multi-Use Product Applicator
mup trigger pro ca WD-40® Trigger Pro

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