Storing and Maintaining Tools

Every home has some tools that they use when it comes to general home maintenance or big DIY projects. As you finish off these tedious tasks, or long run projects, you might be eager to toss these tools and call it a day. However, it is important to remember that your tools need some TLC in between projects. In this article you can find tips to help you make the best of the expensive tools you own!


Whose opened their tool box or drawer and instantly regretted it? Well, in order to avoid further anxiety it’s important to organize your tools by size, use, or other similarities that can distinctly classify them.  This will not only help you save time when starting a task, it will also ensure that your tools are not rusting away at the bottom of a pile. This article here shows some amazing tips on how to organize your tools in unique ways!

Lubricate and Clean 

As mentioned before, in order to maintain the longevity of your tools it’s really important to show them some TLC. The biggest enemy of metal is rust. For tools with metal it is safest to store them at a place with limited moisture. It’s also important to spray a lubricant that will remove existing rust, and prevent future rust. For tools with moving parts like pliers, shears, etc, it’s important to clean out any debris or gunk stuck in between to make them last longer.

PRO TIP: Use WD-40® Specialist Rust Release Penetrant to remove rust and corrosion from metal parts, and lubricate for long term use. 

Electric Tools

For tools that run on electricity, it is important to take care of short circuits over their useful life. It is best to always use them and store them according to the manufacturer guidelines that have been provided. A general rule is that wires should always remain insulation and not be twisted or bent sharply.

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