DIY Spray Paint Bike Frame


We all want our bikes to look fresh and new, but wear and tear is inevitable. Luckily spray painting a bike’s frame is not as difficult as it looks. Consider a DIY Spray Paint project on your Bike Frame. All it takes is your favorite liquid and spray paint, some tools, and a bunch of time and effort. It’s worth your time, as it gives your bike’s frame a fresh new look. The bike frame can be painted afresh in the following steps:

Step 1: Disassemble the Bike

Every gear or part that is attached to the bike should be disassembled first, including the seat, wheels, gears, derailleurs, etc. For disassembling your bike, you will need the following tools:

  • Chain Tool
  • Allen Wrench ( 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm )
  • socket wrench
  • Crescent Wrench
  • Small bag to store parts

and for painting, you will need some spray paint and a clear coat.

Deflate the tires first. Remove all the accessories and attachments and the pedals. Shift the chain into the smallest chain-ring and largest rear cog. Using a pedal wrench, take away the proper pedal with a counterclockwise motion. The left is reverse-threaded, thus use a clockwise motion with the pedal to remove the left pedal. Use the socket wrench to take off the crank arms, the crescent wrench for the front fork, and the chain tool for the bike chain.

Pay attention to all the parts you are disassembling because you have to assemble them later on.

Step 2: Clean the frame with WD-40 All Purpose Bike Wash

Now that you have your bike frame, it is time to clean up the mud and dirt that may be on the frame. Before the paint job, it is essential to have the frame nice and clean. WD-40 All Purpose Bike Wash is designed to give a great clean to your bike in multiple weather conditions. Just follow the instructions on the pack and it should be a breeze.

Step 3: Prepare for the Spray Painting

Sand the frame

To start preparing to spray paint on your bike frame, the first thing to do is get rid of the old paint. Use rough sandpaper to remove the old paint from the bike. After sanding, wipe the entire frame with a soft piece of cloth to clean the small remaining pieces of color and dust.

Cover the crank arm

The crank arm of your bike might still be connected with your bike. You can either remove it or it can be easily covered with plastic bags and masking tape.

Step 4: Spray Paint on frame

With the prep out of the way, we are all set to do the spray paint. You can suspend the frame from a wire and spray all around. You can also spray paint the bike frame one side at a time. Give each side 3 coats of paint 5 minutes apart. Once dried, do the same on the other side. After that, leave the frame to dry in a close environment away from dust and insects for at least 12 hours.

Step 5: Reassemble

Reassemble the bike once the paint has dried. You can ride away with a fresh-looking bike.

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